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BCX: Phone site

BCX: Phone site: Kindle Fire (need user agent string)

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Project: BCX: Phone site

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Michael Berger
Michael Berger
Most everything looks good on Kindle Fire compatibility. I noticed that the area that highlights are you tap doesn't match up with what you tapped on (video attached). This might be a Kindle Fire bug. Also, the checkboxes look horribly pixelated, though this might again be a Fire thing.

From iOS, I noticed that we don't pop the special keyboard with a .com button on the invitation screen. Not sure how this gets set on our end. Looped in NQ in case he knows offhand.
Michael Berger
Michael Berger
Oops, attachments.
Michael Berger
Michael Berger
On some pages you can tap and hold the period to prompt .com/.net/etc as alternative entries (try it out at in iOS). Noticed that this doesn't work on our login or invitation screens…not sure why.
Jason Zimdars
Jason Zimdars
FWIW, the checkboxes look like that on the Nexus 7, too. I've yet to figure out how to make them better or even change their size. We may have to consider a custom CSS checkbox control. That would give us uniformity across platforms, too. 

I'm not sure what's going on with that tap highlight. I can't see any relationship to the elements you're tapping. 
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