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BCX: Phone site

BCX: Phone site: Design a more complete navigation scheme now that the experience is more than just permas

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Project: BCX: Phone site

From the to-do list: Optimized for phone

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Jason Zimdars
Jason Zimdars
Since this project started it's evolved from a handful of phone-optimized views to a pretty complete mobile version of Basecamp. With that being the case, there is more pressure on navigation so I've started to explore some ways to tie everything together. Here are some ideas.

My pick is icon_with_links.png. If we can agree that the Basecamp icon can stand alone without the word "Basecamp" next to it (I think it can), this offers the simplest, most space-efficient navigation.

I think there is also a case to be made for the addition of an "up" link that contextually takes you up the stack. This could be rendered much like the inactive sheet like the standard version of BCX and even paired with the slim navigation bar (icon_with_links_and_sheet.png).

A few other ideas assume that tapping the Basecamp logo loads a home screen with links to everything and are paired with a single up link. I don't think those are as successful, but they offer larger click targets and the ability for us to put more items in the menu. 

Any thoughts?
Jason Zimdars
Jason Zimdars
After thinking this through, I settled on the nav bar that I liked above along with some simple contextual links in just the right places. 

I don't want to replicate the browser's back button, it works just fine here. But it should be easy to figure out where you are once you've dug in a couple of levels deep. Most of the time you're only a single step away from one of the main menu items so there is no reason to create new links for those - back and the nav bar already cover them. It's when you're more than a couple levels deep that you need some context. So on a Message perma you can see an click to the project the message is part of. Same thing with a to-do list. To-do items step back to the parent list, which links back to the project... etc. It's really nothing new, we do this as-needed in BCX already where the stack doesn't always reveal the natural hierarchy.
Jason Zimdars

Jason Zimdars completed the to-do

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