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Project: BCX: Phone site

Mobile launchpad

Posted by Jason Zimdars

Jason Zimdars
I've been hacking away at a proper mobile web version of Launchpad in the time between my other projects for the past couple of weeks and I far enough along now that I can share some progress. Trevor hooked up the plumbing for the phone format fork and I've been designing each view. The goal of the project is:

  1. Make it more seamless when used inside the iOS app wrapper - it should look like BCX.
  2. Use real mobile views so we can leave behind the desktop bloat, much like Basecamp mobile
  3. Make it look and feel like a mobile web app.

The responsive version we have now was an admirable effort to make Launchpad work on mobile devices considering the mark-up constraints. But it's heavier than it needs to be, wastes a lot of resources, lacks retina-quality graphics, and doesn't use the screen space very well. It also has desktop legacy quirks like the fact that you have to tap each account twice to launch. 

So here is a first look at what I have so far. I've abandoned any constraints in terms of making this look visually like desktop launchpad. All the extra UI chrome (and lots of words) have been dumped in favor of a design that is more direct. This leaves behind desktop Launchpad's visual design which is tied to the 37signals ID launch (with some design cues from a several generations old BCC marketing site). So far I have designs for the sign-in, product sign-in, password recovery, and the actual launcher.

What's left:
  • Rework the 3rd party app auth screen
  • Apply a thin layer of javascript behaviors that make tapping snappier and give us hooks for visual feedback (porting this from Basecamp mobile)

  • I have an idea for deep links I'd like to try. I'm thinking we could use a disclosure-like control to reveal the deep links. Not sure how useful they really are on mobile, though
  • I'd also like to consider editing identities here. The fact that you're probably using this on a device with a camera lends itself to updating your avatar.
  • Switch to standard? Not sure if we want to offer the option, but iPad users seem like they might prefer it in some cases... especially identity/edit and settings. 
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