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Project: BCX: Phone site

Project catch-up on mobile

Posted by Jason Zimdars

Jason Zimdars
While working on an alternate project view in the iOS app (more on that later), Ryan and I ended up with a design that works pretty great as a mobile version of catch-up. Basically, instead of the at-a-glance summary we have on desktop Basecamp, this is more like a project-scoped Progress stream. In fact, it uses the same partial so we get avatars and attachments and excerpts here, too. It's still chunked by day so tapping the "earlier" button when you reach the bottom will load the next day of activity. 

It's a bit more fun and I think a better fit for the jobs on mobile. You can see it now by visiting any Basecamp project with a mobile browser. 

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Michael Berger
Michael Berger
Was this email notification delayed for anyone else? The timestamp in Mac Mail and Sparrow shows 4:12 but I didn't get it until 4:18. Haven't noticed this before.
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