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BCX: Phone site

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Project: BCX: Phone site

Draft announcement: Basecamp mobile

Posted by Jason Zimdars

Jason Zimdars
Ready to announce this afternoon, unless anyone has an objection...

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Jason Zimdars
Jason Zimdars
I had considered linking to the marketing page but it seemed redundant – it doesn't say anything that the announcement doesn't. Do you think this page belongs in the benefits tour rotation on the marketing site?

@JF what if the last heading was changed to "It just works – no app required."?
Jason Zimdars
Jason Zimdars
I also pushed the no-app-required point closer to the front by adding it to the second paragraph:


When you're away from the computer email is a great way to keep up-to-date on what's happening in your Basecamp projects. But sometimes email isn't enough. You want to download an attachment or read through the entire conversation. Now when you click the "View this on Basecamp" link at the bottom of email notifications you'll see the all new mobile version of Basecamp automatically – no app required.
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