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BCX: Phone site
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BCX: Phone site

BCX: Phone site

Stripped down HTML pages with little/no JS to slow them down

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Jason Zimdars Jason Z.
Missing error state(s) for creating projects (BCX: Phone site) - I was working on file uploading from the mobile index. So I also added these similar views for when the storage limit is reached.
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Jason Zimdars Jason Z.
Failed nameless attachments on Android (BCX: Phone site) - Looks great from here. Thanks for taking this on, Javan!
32 Archive
Jason Zimdars Jason Z. ArgumentError in todos#create (invalid date)... (BCX: Phone site) - Yup. I have a to-do to investigate here: Closing this as a dupe. 2 Archive
Jason Zimdars Jason Z. Add project burger button to all sub sections (BCX: Phone site) - I've been feeling the same thing. It's time for a consistent project header/navigation on every screen. Now that the app is out I'll have time to put some focus back on the browser experience. 2 Archive
Jason Zimdars Jason Z. DIsable for IE on Windows Phone 7... (BCX: Phone site) - Confirmed this method works on WP7. 1 Archive

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