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BCX: Calendar

BCX: Calendar: Initial Event Balloon Concepts

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Project: BCX: Calendar

Initial Event Balloon Concepts

Posted by Scott Upton

Scott Upton
Before Sam had stubbed out the eco template, I worked on some ideas for the dialog in photoshop. My goal with both of these was to pair down the chrome where possible. This helps it feel more like the rest of BCX (to-dos, messages, files) but it also just looks more approachable and less like work.

In the first version, I kept the familiar labels from some of the other BCX forms. I like it, but I don't feel like it's as efficient with space as it needs to be in such a small dialog. So for the second version, I took those out. I like it, but the thing I'm missing is the Calendar label -- it'd be nice to default to the "General Calendar," but maybe just labeling it like that is enough?

I'm going to start fleshing out the grid and a balloon in HTML now, but I'd love some feedback.
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