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BCX: Calendar
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BCX: Calendar

BCX: Calendar

Adding a calendar to the all new Basecamp.

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Pratik Naik Pratik N. Make sure all the projects with overdue todos... (BCX: Calendar) - Noah pulled some data for us. Here's the average number of remaining overdue todos: 200+ calendar events --> 95 dated todos remaining 100+ calendar events --> 76 dated todos remaining 50+ calendar events --> 60 dated todos remaining 2 Archive
Trevor Turk Trevor T.
Calendar selector in-active after being away... (BCX: Calendar) - Yeah, this probably has to do with how many calendars and people and groups we have... I think we should improve this if/when we have the time, but it's definitely good to have this bug fixed for now!
12 Archive
Kristin Aardsma Kristin A.
Groups/Companies feature in Calendar (BCX: Calendar) - +1
2 Archive
Kristin Aardsma Kristin A. Print in color (BCX: Calendar) - Ah, cool. Thanks for elaborating. It's always easier to explain to customers when we have a better understanding of why things are the way they are. 4 Archive
Jeffrey Hardy Jeffrey H.
Accounts with events from hundreds of projects (BCX: Calendar) - ff-slow-script.png
2 Archive

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    Design outline w/ Scott Dec 14

    From the project: BCX: Calendar

    involvements (ala loop-in)
    date and time
    multi-day option
    discuss link
    reminder: happens automatically, no setting for v1

    accesses (ala invite to project)
    three states: show accesses, change accesses, settings (edit color/name or delete)

    sidebar open by default, but collapsable so you can see cal full-width

    looped-in people get an "add to your calendar" .ics in the email
    they're looped in email-only to any discussion
    they get a new .ics when the date changes

    start with dumb grid?
    how to start w/ the event bubbles
    how does drag and drop affect the grid design
    how do live updates affect the design

    From the project: BCX: Calendar

    Saved by Scott U. on

    Initial design

    From the project: BCX: Calendar

    Calendar is global
    Access is controlled per calendar
    Projects have calendars, and you can create calendars ad-hoc
    Events have subscribers ala other commentables

    Project calendars aren't "calendars" -- the're just projects.
    Separate list of checkboxes for calendars vs. projects


    Project section: list upcoming events to tip you off. There is only one calendar grid, so you have to go to the global calendar to see the events.


    From the project: BCX: Calendar

    Saved by Ryan S. on

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