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BCX: Exporting

BCX: Exporting: Apply a final coat of style

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Project: BCX: Exporting

From the to-do list: Export package

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Jeffrey Hardy
Jeffrey Hardy
A couple spots to touch up.

  • Quoted sections in content bodies don't wrap
  • Back-to links are squished on permas for calendars, and projects without a description
  • The iframe used for forwarded emails could be taller
Jeffrey Hardy
Jeffrey Hardy
I just put the finishing touches on the export package, JZ. We're now showing the assignee, due date, completer, and completion date. We're also listing more information with attachments, including the record (if any) they're attached to. Forwards get a similar treatment.

I'd consider the package data-complete at this point.

You'll probably want to change at least some of the new HTML. Feel free. And if you notice any information missing, let me know.
Jason Zimdars
Jason Zimdars
Do you think the Discussions should sort more like they do in the app? Topics with the newest comment bubble to the top. It looks like they're ordered by message created_at.
Jason Zimdars
Jason Zimdars
Cool. I just pushed another round of style/format tweaks. It's looking much more consistent overall and I think I've caught all the bugs. I wasn't able to reproduce back-to-squished.png, it looks like that could have been cached styles.

I look a stab at the index/cover sheet, too. It needs some data hooked up but I think it's an improvement. 
Jason Zimdars

Jason Zimdars completed the to-do

Jason Zimdars
Jason Zimdars
My thinking was that there is no telling where this export will go once it's done. I'd bet than sometimes they're handed off to a client or vendor who was new to Basecamp. I though it might be a nice avenue to touch those potential customers.

I'm not in love with it, though, for the reasons you mentioned. I'll kill it.
Jason Fried
Jason Fried
Good thought, but we can likely do that another way. Instead of sending them to help, just say "Project managed and prepared by Basecamp" w/ a link to Basecamp.
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