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Jeffrey Hardy Jeffrey H. Export a single project? (BCX: Exporting) - Cool. Good to keep in mind that this is a quick-ish win, if and when we want to nail it. For the record, we'd need: * UI to explain an export, kick it off, and monitor its progress * A place to find and download completed exports * An email template for the completion notification * A project-spe... 9
Jason Fried Jason F.
Export from "trial expired" screen (BCX: Exporting) - That'll be fine, yeah.
Jeffrey Hardy Jeffrey H. Try exporting on your account (BCX: Exporting) - Oh nice, I totally forgot about that. Time to process the job is probably all we care about. If we want to be fancy, we can break that down into 1) exporting time, 2) archiving time, 3) upload to s3 time. But I don't think we need to go there. The vast majority of the time is spent zipping, and v... 24
Jeffrey Hardy Jeffrey H. Q & A (BCX: Exporting) - Google Docs are now included in exports! 5
Jason Fried Jason F.
Exported our account (BCX: Exporting) - 1 is a lot clearer.
John Williams John W.
Where should we run exports? (BCX: Exporting) - export-01 is all setup to run exports.
Jason Fried Jason F. Heartbeat: still pumping (BCX: Exporting) - Thanks Jeff. This isn't sexy, but it's a big deal. 1
Jeffrey Hardy Jeffrey H. Export heartbeat (BCX: Exporting) - Thump thump. We're almost there. The export package is complete, and JZ finished up the UI for kicking off an export before he left for vacation. What's left? Hooking up said UI and doing the paperwork for an export job. I expect to be done with everything today. I'll chat with ops to see what it...
Jason Zimdars Jason Z.
Design the mailer template (BCX: Exporting) - I've been working on the email notification template in parallel. Here's a first stab:
Jeffrey Hardy Jeffrey H.
Design for the processing and completed states (BCX: Exporting) - Yeah, definitely. This is exactly how I'd imagined it. I'll start on the plumbing.
Jason Zimdars Jason Z.
Design the coversheet (BCX: Exporting) - For posterity.
Jason Zimdars Jason Z.
Design the UI for kicking off a new export and... (BCX: Exporting) - Great. I'll get it pushed up. Thanks for the assist!
Jason Zimdars Jason Z.
Apply a final coat of style (BCX: Exporting) - Ah, nice. I'll add that.
Jeffrey Hardy Jeffrey H. Decide how to order items (newest first, like... (BCX: Exporting) - Newest first makes the most sense. Browsing an export is an exercise in archaeology; the most recent items should be on top. 1
Jeffrey Hardy Jeffrey H. Group Files, Forwards, and Text docs by date on... (BCX: Exporting) - Optional, but I'm finding them hard to read otherwise. 1
Jeffrey Hardy Jeffrey H. Style it (BCX: Exporting) - Woot! Thanks JZ. 1
Jeremy Kemper Jeremy K. Zip it (BCX: Exporting) - 1
Jeffrey Hardy Jeffrey H. How often can you export? (BCX: Exporting) - Starting with six hours, like Classic. It's easy to adjust if we want. 5
David Heinemeier Hansson David H. Include companies? (BCX: Exporting) - No, don't need that. It's just for quickly adding people. I say we just export the projects. 1
David Heinemeier Hansson David H. Who can export? (BCX: Exporting) - We should include a note if there a projects he can't see and then say please contact X to give you access to this project if you want it in the export. 6
Jeffrey Hardy Jeffrey H. How long do we hang on to completed exports? (BCX: Exporting) - That sounds reasonable. The shorter the better from a storage space perspective, especially if we zip up all your files. 5
Taylor Weibley Taylor W. Discuss exporting files via symlink + zip (BCX: Exporting) - JK this smells like Kennel without the private url. As a matter of fact storage-01 would be perfect for this. 7
Jeffrey Hardy Jeffrey H. Include files (BCX: Exporting) - From Jeremy:“With enough scratch space on the export machine, including files is straightforward: symlink them in to the staging directory, then zip it up. ”See for an example with Classic. 1
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