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BCX: Exporting

BCX: Exporting: Design the UI for kicking off a new export and downloading an existing one

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Project: BCX: Exporting

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Jason Fried
Jason Fried
I'd explore combining the last two sentences into something clearer and shorter. Maybe something like:

"Clink the link below and we'll send you an email when the export is ready to download"

Or, kill that sentence entirely and when you click "Export your data" we replace that link with "We'll email you when it's ready to download - it shouldn't be more than a few hours."
Jason Zimdars
Jason Zimdars
I like the first option better. With the second, you have no idea what to expect before you click it. 

I wonder if this is scary at all? Are you worried that your stuff is going to disappear?
Jason Fried
Jason Fried
"I wonder if this is scary at all? Are you worried that your stuff is going to disappear?"

Great question. Worth thinking about as you work on the copy.

Maybe clear bullets are better than a paragraph too. Think "What happens now and what happens next?"
Jason Zimdars
Jason Zimdars
Ok, I'm going to step back. We have a few states to consider here:

  • Normal
  • Export in-progress
  • Export completed

I'm going to widen the net and consider these states together to better separate what  needs to be said when. More soon.
Jason Zimdars
Jason Zimdars
Here are two new versions...

better_copy.png is my pick. Starting the block with "Save a copy" alleviates some of the anxiety I was sensing. "Copy" is non-destructive. I actually think this is more successful than bringing up the fear and then trying to dismiss it. The latter is almost like planting a fear if someone hasn't thought of it on their own. The strong single-sentence description, leaves plenty of room for explaining what happens next. 

bulleted.png has a couple of problems from me. For one, it says most of the same things in more words, using more space. The additional points really make the case for why you'd want to do this. I don't think this is a feature we want to convince people to use. 

What do you think?
Jason Fried
Jason Fried
I prefer bulleted because bullets get noticed/read. Paragraphs are a lot more likely to get skipped over.

As for more words in more space, we can do something about that... Tighter copy! We don't need to say everything we're saying in bulleted. better_copy says fewer things. Like I don't think we need that last bullet, for example. And I think we can knock out a few words on each line if we wanted to.
Jason Fried
Jason Fried
Maybe instead of HTML we can say "...a downloadable archive you can view in your web browser."

I think the "feel free to leave" message makes the most sense next to the link after you've clicked the link.

Otherwise, this feels like a nice improvement!
Jason Zimdars
Jason Zimdars
Taking that one, here are the other states of this block:
Jason Zimdars

Jason Zimdars completed the to-do

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