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Project: BCX: Blank slates

Project Home (initial sketches)

Posted by Scott Upton

Scott Upton
I've started here with three sketches that all keep the general block layout intact. In the post-it note example, I liked how there was a natural space created by the blocks, so I tried to work off of that. The downside, though, is that the callout is fairly low on the page.

In the second one, I wanted to see if we could get away with just one arrow from the callout. I'm not loving the brushed background, so I'm going to experiment a little with cleaning that up and drawing it closer to the style used in the index blank slates.

Finally, I wanted to explore something left-justified with multiple arrows. The blue box feels harsh and the arrows are very strong, but I wanted to see how things felt if most of the action was on the far left.

I've got a few more pencil sketches I'm going to riff on, but I wanted to share these before it go too late.
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