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BCX: Blank slates
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BCX: Blank slates

BCX: Blank slates

What people see when there's nothing there.

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Jonas Downey Jonas D.
People (BCX: Blank slates) - Updated version looks like this.
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Jason Fried Jason F.
Orange slates (BCX: Blank slates) - Yup, that'll work.
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Jason Zimdars Jason Z.
Painty stripe (BCX: Blank slates) - Great place for color. Love it!
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Jonas Downey Jonas D.
Text Documents (BCX: Blank slates) - JF and I talked about making all the arrows green instead of red (we have both green and red right now for the blank slates.) Might as well redraw 'em while we're at it!
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Jamie Dihiansan Jamie D.
Dates (BCX: Blank slates) - Here's a happy green. JZ, I hear you on the agenda idea. The calendar instantly communicates an event. Any type of planner or agenda layout may be more accurate for the view, but fuzzy in communication. That's my thought.
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